While I’m away in South Africa this month, I thought it would be a good time to share about this new “thing” I’m doing and give you a bit of the back story.

Last November, I was invited to join an organization of women entrepreneurs called Win Win WomenWIN WIN Women is committed to reaching, teaching, and talking with billions of women throughout the world on some of today’s best platforms. Experts (show hosts) share information that guides women to find solutions to challenges in every area of their lives, personally and professionally.

By becoming a show host, I committed to hosting a weekly one-hour show that can be viewed online as well as on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime.

We were in beta testing mode for several months and began streaming on the TV channels in January.

Once a show is deemed “ready”, the show hosts get to decide when they want to go live.

I was surprised when I was given the “green light” to go live because the perfectionist in me wasn’t ready.  As you know, I have hosted an online summit and held multiple online workshops related to Journey to Legacy™. But the responsibility of coming up with fresh content each week and offering it LIVE intimidated me.

What was I thinking? Who am I to host a weekly TV show?????

So, I stalled.  I let very few people know I was doing this and didn’t send out any invitations. Each week I showed up and talked to the camera with no one watching.

To gain confidence and get ideas, I started watching successful TV talk shows and listening to podcasts to get a feel for how hosting a TV show is done. But as I did, I felt smaller and smaller.

And then, suddenly, various quotes about perfectionism started to catch my attention. 

“Perfectionism keeps us from being seen.” Brené Brown

“Perfectionism is a stalling device.” Julia Cameron

I knew it was time to reframe the story I was telling myself. This wasn’t about me being perfect. This was about sharing something I felt passionate about – helping women in their third act feel great about the lives they have lived and excited about their futures.
My weekly show is called “Thrive in Your Third Act”.
Today I am extending you an invitation to watch the replay of my introductory episode, where I share my own “Thrive in Your Third Act” story, tell you how and why I came to create this show, and share ways it may serve you.


This show airs weekly, so I’ll keep you posted about upcoming episodes. I’ll also share replays from past episodes. Each week, I’ll have a new guest who offers practical tips and real-life stories to help you call forward the best version of yourself.