“To say that I’m loving “Journey to Legacy” would hardly explain my feelings. Joanna Klein is a master teacher, life coach, mentor and empath. She has integrated her experiences in education, technology, counseling and a host of other life skills into this remarkable, life-altering course. Her concise and spellbinding lectures bring an approach to looking at your own life that opens your heart and mind to find clarity in your experiences; to find new understanding and perspective that you might otherwise not realize. Our weekly sharing of stories has proven to be a conduit for seeing and feeling the journeys of others and coming to love and appreciate other people in our group as well as truly feeling heard and appreciated for sharing my own life. The group of women in our virtual circle come from all over our country and the world. It’s a microcosm of differences and shared human experiences. I have never been in a group of more compassionate, open and brilliant women. It’s not a writing class, it’s a class on discovering your true worth. I will be forever grateful for this experience. I’m a woman in my 70’s and I plan to share my stories with my grandchildren. It’s time!”

Jeanne Kane, PhD.

“Joanna is a confident speaker and can explain complex, intangible subjects in simple terms to relate to an audience. She shows up as though she’s your supportive friend right from the start. Joanna is able to connect to people where they are so they can be open to stepping into different perspectives, even challenging ones. She’s the kind of woman other women want to know.”

Christina Smith

Life Coach,

“I am loving being part of the Journey to Legacy program. It is so much more than I expected. Professionally facilitated, practical and with great resources to tap into.   I am not a writer, but this program has enabled me to find my style. I particularly enjoy the balance between the sessions, one-to-one support and the other participants’ stories, who always inspire and motivate me. I signed up because a friend I respect had recommended it. This is so much more than a “writing” course. I recommend it highly to anyone who has a story to tell and would like to work out how to do that in a supportive, fun and constructive environment.”

Cheryl Gilroy

Psychologist, Northern Rivers, Australia

“I have always loved listening to other people’s stories, even as a young child  and feel that it is in the sharing of our stories that we learn and connect with each other at a deeper, more authentic level . As a young adult I have such fond memories of my Mum entertaining us with family stories from her childhood when we traveled. I thought I would never forget what she shared however as the years passed I found I have, and my Mum is no longer here to ask. 

Over the years when I shared my life stories orally, people would often say you need to write that story down. I just didn’t know how to get started so I never did. When the Journey to Legacy course with Joanna came into my life at the end of 2020 I thought maybe this is the structure I need to help me get the stories out of my head and onto paper.  I was concerned about my ability to commit and follow through with an online format however from the moment I met Joanna in our first zoom conversation I felt seen, heard and understood. I felt safe. 

It  took me time to get started and there were many times when I wondered whether my  writing was good enough to be read by another, yet one by one the stories are being written because the program Joanna has created is one of the best I have ever experienced.  Even if I hadn’t finished one story I would never regret one  cent I spent on the Journey to Legacy program. 

There is so much to love about this program. Firstly Joanna promised that she would walk beside me every step of the way and she has through our personal zoom appointments, emails and with the quality of the program she created which is truly outstanding, as is the technical platform that supports us to write and create our life story journals. Finally what an honour it has been to share this journey  with other openhearted, wise, vulnerable women from around the world. What we have shared in this sacred circle will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

Amanda Downing

Canberra, Australia

“When I signed up to write my journal I’m not sure I could have articulated exactly why I was doing it. Something deep urged me on and I’m grateful it did. I’ve come to realise that the quest to commit and write my stories was not only embedded in a sense of curiosity and an unrecognised  longing to share but also a realisation that identifying with the life experiences of another, lessens fear and shame and brings both validation and comfort. I learnt too late that pivotal people in my life had stories to share and had they chosen to, they could have helped me navigate some of mine with less pain, more hope and sense of peace. I like to think my stories will resonate with those who read them in helpful, non judgemental and reassuring ways. That empowering sense of “Wow! That happened to her too and she was ok”.

Every story I have written started out as one thing and has nearly always become something else or encompassed a far broader tale than I had anticipated. Each story revealed to me something about myself. Sometimes it was something I already knew, sometimes not. Every story brought peace and resolution on so many levels and a wonderment as I have read and reread them with the same gratification as a good novel. There’s the beauty: the unexpected twists and turns, memories deep within, some long forgotten, resurrected for the purpose of this unique experience, all coming together to create a story, my story, your story that hopefully paints a humanness, and a truth and not just a mother, a wife, a sister, a grandmother or a friend.

We are all subject to the human experience, mistakes, regrets, joy and gratitude. At times in the confines of our existence, the isolation would have us believe we are alone.  I’m here to tell you we’re not. Writing and sharing with like minded, strong, intelligent, and beautiful women is a journey I wish had no end. Our stories, a mix of inspiring, sad, cathartic and funny are like the pieces of a colourful quilt and make for a fulfilling spread as we have shared, trusted and been vulnerable, always there for each other. And overseeing the process is Joanna weaving her magic, approachable, lovingly supportive and helping each one of us be the best we can be.”

Pat Grant

Queensland, Australia

Joanna is warm, personable and relates genuinely with her audience. She is gifted at sharing her own stories which invites others to open up and see themselves. Joanna is clear and concise in her delivery and creates a delightful experience..”

Page Rossiter

Life Coach

“The first time I heard Joanna Klein speak from the stage, I was blown away by her authenticity and ability to engage the audience with not only her personal story, but how stories themselves can be transformational.  She has great eye contact, warmth and humor.  We’ve all heard speakers who talk at the audience.  This certainly is not Joanna Klein’s style.  Hiring Joanna for your next keynote will not only be entertaining, but she will inspire your audience to embrace their personal stories, so they understand themselves at a deeper level.”

Katana Abbott

Host, Smart Women Talk Radio,

“I have never thought of myself as a writer. Writing isn’t easy for me. And yet I have absolutely loved Journey to Legacy!

I was drawn to this program as a vehicle for self-discovery. When I learned about it, I sensed that it could provide answers to the question, “How did I become the person that I am today?” And as I’ve delved into the stories of my past, I’ve gained insights that have often taken me by surprise.

I have nothing but praise for the way that Joanna has designed Journey to Legacy and how she leads it. Sometimes she teaches, at other times she asks just the right questions. She invites and supports, always with the goal of helping us explore the stories of our lives. I whole-heartedly recommend this program.”

Linda Brooks


“My son had long been telling me I had a story to tell but it was not until I enrolled in Joanna’s Legacy did the idea become more of a reality.  The meetings were both informative, productive and most of all fun.  Although I am a great procrastinator when it comes to writing, Joanna’s prompts and the expectation that I would write something each week were a great motivator.  Recently my sister unexpectedly died.  Her children and grandchildren were filled with questions about my sister’s and my history.  I am so glad that I have written and will continue to write about our shared history and my own ongoing story.  It’s hard to believe how little I knew about my parents and grandparents lives.  Thanks to Joanna’s course, my son and my nieces and nephew will have an insight into my story.”

Alice Wolfson


“At first I thought it would just be a fun thing to write down a few of my stories and share with my grandkids or adult children.  Joanna gave us intriguing prompts that made me think of stories I hadn’t even remembered I had to share. Then I was inspired by the stories that each of the members of my group offered to read, and was reminded of similar experiences that made a huge impact on my life.

Suddenly my memories carried me on an amazing 3-D journey of my life, as if I were truly “time-travelling” through decades, phases, friendships, romances, historical events, discoveries, foreign countries, disappointments, successes, relationships, revelations and exciting episodes of my 70-year lifetime as a female human being on planet Earth, who has been blessed with a great deal of happiness and love.

I wouldn’t trade the memories that were stirred and found their way to the pages of my legacy journal for anything – even if no one ever reads them but me! More than just simple stories, I think I have written some fascinating “road-maps” of how to live a beautiful life to share with those I love – and perhaps for children of my children and their children, who haven’t even been born!”

Denise Medved

North Carolina

“I decided to sign up for the journey to legacy because the program sounded interesting and inviting since I have 2 grandsons. I wanted to share some of my life stories with them. At first I didn’t have any goals or expectations, I was open to whatever  the program had to offer. As we got deeper into the journey, my goals and expectations were challenged. The program gave me insight to my story and allowed me to take a good look at my life so far. There are many facets to writing one’s legacy and the program definitely allows one to look deep inside, with many thought provoking questions and exercises.  Joanna is an amazing coach with an interesting approach to the journey. The program is very user friendly and Joanna is available to answer any questions and assists with any situations that one may have. I highly recommend this journey to legacy because having the  story of my life in a book form is a really big accomplishment for me. I plan on giving a copy to my mom and one to my daughter as a holiday gift, one that will last and they can share with their families as well. I literally cried when I received my Legacy Journal in the mail.Happy tears to write such a legacy!!”

Lisa Finn

Maryland, USA

“I signed up for the journey to Legacy because as I age it has become important to me to tell my story to my children and 7 grandchildren.

The course went beyond my expectations. I took a deep dive into many emotions that came up for me as I began to write. Some were positive, some not so much. All were productive.

Aside from the writing I have made friendships that I know will last. The women in the group were very dynamic and their stories touched my heart.

I highly recommend it to others and have done so. I support any woman no matter what age to begin this journey.”

Chloe Leibowitz

Arizona, USA


My daughter had asked me for years to write my life stories, and at 83 years of age, I felt time was of the essence, and the time was now. Journey to Legacy with Joanna’s mentoring, helped guide me in writing the legacy of my life’s journeys and putting them into a beautiful book with photos for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


I have found my writings are a sacred journey of the past.  I have a new appreciation and love for myself and everyone who has touched my life in one way or another. This was the result of my writings with guidance to witness my life and write my stories. It was not an easy flowing journey as often the disturbances and trauma of my life got in the way of remembering the facts.  Often only the hurt or pain was remembered, other times, clear pictures as I was reliving the events of the past.  Those were easier to write about as usually they brought happiness or bliss into my early childhood and later in life.  It was the tough ones that eventually with Joanna’s guidance and listening to the other members of the group from around the world share their writings, that writing my own became easier and eventually enjoyable as I was able to see clearly all the people in my life who shaped who I am today and also understand their journey and how it affected my life.  This new perspective softened my inner being and forgiveness followed.  Actually in many cases a new appreciation for the person’s struggle in life and their ancestry and world events that shaped their life and mine.  Again and again I saw how the domino effect came to my life.  The puzzle pieces of what were once missing in my life became clearly understood as I wrote and with the new understanding of the early trauma of my life, at least the first 16 years (that was so difficult to write about) became a clearing for my emotional self and from that came a forgiveness and greater love and appreciation for myself and all who have helped shape the woman I am today.

With gratitude I thank Joanna for knowing the importance of writing our life’s journey and the peace and understanding it brings when we see our life from a different perspective and her remarkable ability to coach each one of us on the wonderful journey to our own legacy.

No amount of words can express my gratitude to you Joanna, I have tears swelling up because your program has helped me make sense of my amazing life.  Yes indeed it has been a JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION.

Sheri Alter

California USA

“I found Journey to Legacy at a time when I felt stuck in my writing process.  In my mind I wasn’t worthy of putting something out there. I believed it wouldn’t be good enough. But by making the commitment to write, I realized I did have stories to tell.  And I knew that they weren’t going to be important to everyone, but they would be important to someone.

The course is fun and Joanna is generous with encouragement and suggestions. The bonus is meeting other women and sharing life stories!

I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in memoir writing.”

Denise Nagy

Arizona & Colorado, USA

“First of all, I am not a writer.  Having said that, this writing course helped me dive back into some really painful decisions, I felt I had to make in my past and not so distant past, to keep my sanity.  Writing about the events that precipitated those decisions has been very healing and self affirming.

Joanna is a fearless leader and has incredible insights if, and when, I would get stuck in my writing.  I learned to just do me with my writings and not try to conform to a certain format.  That freedom really helped me to not feel judged, especially by myself.

This course could not have come at a better time in my life.  There were monumental changes happening in my life.  Writing some of the personal stories allowed me to see, again, where a lot of my behaviors and unhealthy patterns came from.  This has been a perfect opportunity to delve deeper and allow more healing to happen, which it has.  Thank you Joanna for putting together such an awesome, healing and transformative workshop!!”

Ginger Gondron

Texas, USA

“I saw Joanna’s course and thought, this is just what I need to do NOW. I’m 82. I’m healthy but I do feel ‘The Sense of an Ending’– the title of one of my writings.

I enjoy writing and I have old journal writing and a lot of painful experience stories, exhilarating ones and some from a secret life! Most are from a long time ago.

I procrastinated the need to consolidate, correct and/dump some. I also wanted to leave positive perspectives on my life experiences. Joanne is so able to convey how to value all experiences that lead to where and who we are.  

I really have been thinking about my legacy to my 2 children and my granddaughter.

Here was some serious motivation to get it done!!! To figure out what I wanted to share and also newly jogged reminders of and insights into my family growing up and childhood, and people in my life. 

Joanna offered many prompts to get your mind going new directions and find new discoveries.

She is so warm, compassionate and responsive.

I must say I don’t have the best computer skills–I manage well enough, but was somewhat frustrated but Joanna is an expert in helping to iron things out.

For me it’s a lot of work and time and struggle, and so worth the commitment.”

Judy Franklin

Toronto, Canada

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