Unleash the Power of Your Life Story

Uncover the profound wisdom within your experiences through our guided Life Story Writing and Life Review courses.

Your Life Has Something to Say

You’ve lived a lifetime of experiences so far – some monumental, others more subtle, and many buried deep in your memories.

You’ve probably shared many of your stories.  Yet you know there’s still more gold to uncover – deeper meanings you’ve yet to explore.

The truth is: the stories of your life hold precious wisdom just waiting to be unearthed.

Whether you want to write them down to share with others or uncover their lessons and let them guide you…making sense of your life experiences in a way that brings meaning to you and to others can feel like an overwhelming process.  

But…imagine the clarity and sense of purpose that could emerge from mapping out the major signposts and revelations along your life’s journey.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

Journey to Legacy offers three soul-nourishing paths that allow you to dive into your memories and emerge with their hidden gems.

1) In our life story writing program, we dust off tales, find the most meaningful ones, and write them with thought-provoking guidance and a story-writing framework.

2) Our life review program guides you on an intimate expedition into your past to see how key experiences shaped you. You’ll leave this transformative journey ready to channel your clarified wisdom into impactful written stories or confidently step into your next chapter with clarity and intention.

3) In our memoir program, you’ll have a loving circle within which to share emerging stories as you write your personal narratives, along with structure and personalized support to keep you feeling inspired, safe, and nurtured through the entire process.


Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Joanna, and I’m glad you’re here

I believe that our life experiences hold deep wisdom which, when uncovered, helps us fully embrace who we are and step into who we want to be as we move forward.

I also believe we have a rewarding opportunity to make a positive impact on others by sharing some of that wisdom.

Using my experience as a counselor, intuitive coach, teacher, and four decades of leading programs that change lives, I guide you through a step-by-step process that turns your life experiences into a unique life story of which you are proud.

If you’re here, you’re ready to write a unique life story and I’d be honored to be your guide.

You want to feel good about the life you’ve lived and excited for the years ahead. Your stories hold the key. 

This is Your


Everything You Need For Life Review, Memoir & Life Story Writing

From feeling overwhelmed to feeling self-empowered, we provide the tools, structure and guidance to get what’s in your heart onto the page. You’ll leave with a deeper appreciation for your life and your unique story.


Virtual 12-Week Course with Live Q&A

You have a desire to write your stories but struggle to find discipline and focus.  You want a simple structure and guidance to help you feel confident and inspired.


Live 12-week Virtual Course with Group Coaching

You’re at a crossroads in life and want to gain perspective on your life journey, create meaning, integrate lessons and gain wisdom to guide your future.


Live 6-month Virtual Course with Group & Private Coaching

You’re filled with stories and you want personalized coaching, a supportive structure, and an intimate and safe community of fellow writers to inspire and encourage you.

I want to thank you, Joanna. Because this program has made such a difference in my life. I never would have ever understood some of this (my life) and I’m a freakin psychologist. I mean, hello? There’s a lot more to this work that you present, then maybe you’ll even ever know. I’m astonished at the depth and the reframing of things in my own life. I’ll just say that. So thank you.

Jeanne Kane, Journey To Legacy Alumni

What most exceeded my expectations were the focus, motivation and direction provided by your instructional sessions and the writing prompts. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the online tools, but I have been pleased with the ease the site affords for writing and organizing the writing/stories. I am very happy with everything about the program and grateful that I came across it when I did. This was perfect timing for me.

Paula, Journey To Legacy Participant

It’s as if our lives are like jars filled with big and small rocks. Most of us have already pulled out, examined, and made some sense of the big rocks because they’re easy to see. But, it’s the smaller rocks we tend to ignore, even though there may still be something about them that gets under our skin. Writing down my stories has helped me remember smaller rocks. It has made me realize those events were more impactful than I realized and that I was still carrying some shame, guilt, or regret about them. Writing down my stories has allowed me to shine the light and see those stories from a new perspective. It has freed up stagnant energy and lightened a load I didn’t even know I was carrying.

Holly Padove, Journey To Legacy Participant

I have never thought of myself as a writer. Writing isn’t easy for me. And yet I have absolutely loved Journey to Legacy! I was drawn to this program as a vehicle for self-discovery. When I learned about it, I sensed that it could provide answers to the question, “How did I become the person that I am today?” And as I’ve delved into the stories of my past, I’ve gained insights that have often taken me by surprise.
I have nothing but praise for the way that Joanna has designed Journey to Legacy and how she leads it. Sometimes she teaches, at other times she asks just the right questions. She invites and supports, always with the goal of helping us explore the stories of our lives. I whole-heartedly recommend this program.

Linda Brooks, Journey To Legacy Participant

I was concerned about my ability to commit and follow through with an online format however from the moment I met Joanna in our first zoom conversation, I felt seen, heard and understood. I felt safe. There is so much to love about this program. Joanna walk beside me every step of the way through our personal zoom appointments, emails and with the quality of the program and technical platform she created which is truly outstanding. What an honor it has been to share this journey with other openhearted, wise, vulnerable women from around the world. What we have shared in this sacred circle will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Amanda Downing, Journey To Legacy Participant

My memories carried me on an amazing 3-D journey of my life, as if I were truly “time traveling” through decades, phases, friendships, romances, historical events, discoveries, foreign countries, disappointments, successes, relationships, revelations and exciting episodes of my 70-year lifetime. I wouldn’t trade the memories that were stirred and found their way to the pages of my legacy journal for anything – even if no one ever reads them but me! More than just simple stories, I think I have written some fascinating “road-maps” of how to live a beautiful life to share with those I love – and perhaps for children of my children and their children, who haven’t even been born!

Denise Medved, Journey To Legacy Participant

I found Journey to Legacy at a time when I felt stuck in my writing process. In my mind I wasn’t worthy of putting something out there. I believed it wouldn’t be good enough. But by making the commitment to write, I realized I did have stories to tell. And I knew that they weren’t going to be important to everyone, but they would be important to someone. The program is fun and Joanna is generous with encouragement and suggestions. The bonus is meeting other women and sharing life stories! I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in memoir writing.

Denise Nagy, Journey To Legacy Participant

What Makes Journey to Legacy Unique?

1. Focus on Meaningful Stories

Our tutorials, writing exercises and intuitive prompts are designed to guide you beyond surface-level recollections, helping you explore the pivotal moments and memories that have shaped your life. Through this guided self-inquiry process, you’ll uncover the profound lessons, blessings, and wisdom you’ve gained along the way. We’ll show you how to transform anecdotes about your life events into stories that hold deep significance, ensuring that your legacy is one of purpose and meaning.

2. Interactive Teaching Sessions

Our courses are structured to provide you with an engaging and dynamic learning experience. In our life review and memoir writing courses, you’ll have the opportunity to interact directly with the instructor and receive real-time answers to your questions. Our life story course is delivered in a webinar format, allowing you to learn alongside a community of fellow participants, with separate Q&A sessions to address your questions and provide personalized guidance.

3. Simple 7-Step Life Story Writing Framework

Our 7-step framework is designed to provide you with a structure for self-reflection and storytelling, whether you’re writing your life story for posterity or engaging in a personal life review. By guiding you through each step, we enable you to identify the most impactful moments. We offer techniques to sensitively portray the relationships and individuals who have been part of your journey, balancing honesty with respect. Our approach encourages intuitive exploration, allowing you to find and trust your authentic voice while also developing discernment. Through this process, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the lessons and growth that have shaped your life, and learn to weave the threads of your connections into a rich, nuanced narrative.

4. Personal Attention

Our life review and memoir writing courses are designed to provide a rich, interactive experience through live Zoom sessions. To ensure that each participant receives the support and attention they need, we limit enrollment in these courses. This allows for engaging discussions, personalized feedback, and a strong sense of community as you explore and share your life experiences.

Our life story writing course is taught in a webinar format, offering flexibility for those who prefer not to be on camera. While this course does not include interactive Zoom sessions, you’ll still benefit from our proven 7-step framework and expert guidance as you craft your unique life story.

5. Easy to Use Story Weaver Software

Our Story Weaver software is specifically for life story writers and is easy and fun to use even if you have little to no previous tech experience. It’s accessible online from your desktop or laptop. Designed to be intuitive, our software makes it simple to navigate, write, edit, organize and share your unique life story. Share your life story via email, as a downloadable eBook or bound book, You can even choose specific stories to share by creating multiple copies of your collection of life stories to give to different people in your life.

6. Three Unique Courses to Meet Your Specific Needs

Each distinct level provides tailored features and varying degrees of support. No matter which level you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to create a personalized life story book that captures your unique journey. Upon completing the program, you can easily share your life story with others via email, download it as a convenient eBook, or have it professionally printed and bound into a cherished keepsake.

Compare the features of each level to find the perfect fit for your needs and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and heartfelt storytelling.

7. Private Online Community of Life Story Writers

Being a part of a private online community of life story writers, you’ll feel safe and supported in sharing your stories. You’ll also develop heartwarming friendships with people who are on this journey with you.

8. Ongoing Technical Support

When you need more assistance with any technical aspects of writing or sharing your story, we’re always here to help. We offer support via email on an ongoing basis.

Have questions or need more information?

Who Is This For?

black couple smiling

Now is the time to write and share your life story.

Life story writing, life review and memoir are catalysts for recovering key moments in your life that deserve to be honored, celebrated and remembered. As such, writing about your life requires vulnerability, courage and a willingness to look back on your life with a fresh perspective.

If you’ve experienced any of the following:

  • You’ve tried to write in the past but never made progress
  • You’re curious and ready to explore the deeper meaning behind your life experiences
  • You want to feel more purposeful
  • You believe writing is a tool for healing and self-discovery
  • You flourish with structure, guidance and accountability
  • You’re ok with technology, especially if it’s easy-to-use
  • You want to share what you’ve learned with others
  • You want to build a connection to future generations

Then, we’ve got you covered.

Still have questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

How to Get Started

3 Simple Steps to Begin Your Life Review or Life Story Writing Journey


Choose the Level that Suits Your Needs

Life Story, Life Review or Memoir course based on the result you desire and the support, guidance and accountability you need to find what is meaningful in your life story.


Start Reflecting & Writing About Your Life

No matter which level you choose, you’ll find guidance and inspiration to uncover and write about what matters in the unique experiences that shaped who you’ve become. 


Turn Wisdom into Inspiration

No matter which course you choose, you’ll gain clarity and inspiration about what you want to do with the wisdom you’ve uncovered, whether you share your stories with others or allow them to guide you as you write your next chapter.

Not sure which level is right for you?

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to participate on the live calls?
  • Computer/Tablet/Phone
  • Private, quiet and comfortable space
  • Good WiFi access
  • Journal or paper and pen
  • Earphones, if you need them
What if I can't make the live calls?

All of the calls are recorded, so if you can’t make one, you’ll have access to the replay within 48 hours. 

What do I need to use the Story Weaver software?

The Story Weaver software is online so you can log in from anywhere there is an Internet connection. It works best on laptop or desktop computers that run Mac OS, Linux or Windows and use Chrome as the browser.

How does this program differ from Storyworth?

While both Journey to Legacy and Storyworth offer you a writing platform, writing prompts and a bound book, Journey to Legacy offers guidance through the courses and by including what we call “deeper questions” with every writing prompt. These guide you toward a more introspective, retrospective approach as you write your stories. This helps make your stories more compelling and meaningful to both you and those who will read them.

Am I just getting a bunch of general writing prompts?

No. Our thought and memory-provoking prompts are offered in all of our programs. Our prompts and introspective questions take you deeper into your memories and experiences where revelations, breakthroughs and healing take place.

What is the difference between life story writing and memoir?

 Life story writing is a collection of stories about one’s life without a central theme.

Memoirs explore specific impactful episodes through a literary lens to convey inner transformation.


What is the difference between life review and life story writing?

Life Review is an introspective process aimed at gaining understanding, inner peace and insight while life story writing is a reflection on memories and writing them as stories, usually to share.

Life review focuses on finding meaning, resolving unfinished business, and integrating one’s life experiences in a forward-thinking way.  It can be a wonderful first step for life story writers.


What is the difference between life review and memoir?

Memoirs and life review share a reflective, internal focus on exploring deeper meaning and insight from key life experiences. Both involve focusing on impactful episodes and relationships

The memoir writer crafts these into stories, while life review aims to review life experiences for the purpose of resolving unfinished emotional business, finding self-acceptance, and/or using life’s wisdom to guide future choices.

Life review has a broader scope – it encompasses reflection on the totality of one’s life to achieve life integration rather than centering just on peak episodes of insight. Memoirs by nature are selective, developing literary themes around epiphanies, though this process can initiate crucial reflection and edits the raw stories of our memories into wisdom.

Ultimately life review is a more comprehensive yet private journey to self-acceptance, while polished memoirs publicly share our lessons learned. Yet both value reflective meaning-finding from emotional life events.


How is life review different from therapy?

While life review involves reflecting on your broader life journey, therapy uses clinical techniques to address specific mental health concerns that are negatively impacting your current well-being and functioning. Life review seeks to find empowerment, meaning and closure by re-examining the entirety of your life, whereas therapy aims to relieve current acute symptoms and issues.

What if I can’t remember much from my past?
That’s a common concern and we understand why. The coaching and prompts we provide are delivered in a way that jogs your memory and helps you explore the past in a gentle, safe way.
Do I have to be a good writer?

You do not have to be an experienced writer or worry about getting it right when it comes to punctuation, spelling or grammar. The prompts, guided visualizations and workbook make it simple and inspire you to write. Our intuitive writing software makes it easy to title, edit and organize your stories for a cohesive and Legacy Journal you can download, share via email or have *printed and bound.

How much of my time will this take?

This 12-week life story writing course is designed to be flexible to fit your schedule. Each week, we’ll release new video lessons, exercises, and writing prompts that build upon the previous material.  However, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the course content, so you can work through it at your own pace. The recommended time commitment is around 1-32 hours per week to watch the lessons and complete the writing assignments

The Life Review course meets for 90 minutes each week for 12 consecutive weeks. There are journaling and creative, experiential assignments each week that will take about one hour to complete.

The Memoir course meets 3 times/month for 6 months. Each meeting is between 60-90 minutes. The amount of time you spend writing is up to you but we recommend at least 2 hours/week in this course.

What if I don’t think I have anything worthy or exciting to write about?
I hear this often, and I want you to know that we all have stories! We have all experienced joy and pain. We have gained wisdom and lived through history in the making. Journey to Legacy will help you find your voice and realize you have so much wisdom to share! Your life is full of golden nuggets of wisdom and inspiration! Being asked the right questions and then guided more deeply into those questions, you’ll find you have a remarkable history and story to share.
Why do you require an application to join the Memoir Course?

With such an intimate group setting and the sensitivity of topics addressed, I like to ensure each participant is ready and willing to engage and commit to this 6-month journey.

What happens if I get stuck after I sign up?

If you join our Journey to Legacy Memoir or Live Review courses and get stuck at any point in this process, you will have all the support and guidance from our team to ensure you move past any obstacles or technical issues you encounter. If you take our Life Story Writing course, you will also have 12 months of support via email in the event you get stuck or need more information. 

What if I’m not sure anyone will read my life story?
This is a common worry for many life story writers. The truth is you’ll never know unless you write your story. However, using a unique method to recall those key moments in your life that shaped you often results in surprising revelations and wisdom that impacts others when shared.
What if I’m worried others will judge me once they read what I’ve been through?
In our Journey to Legacy Coaching Program, we’ll help you find ways to share truthfully (so that loved ones can really know you), and you remain in complete control of what you share. In our self-guided online course, we provide suggestions in our video lesson on this topic to help you feel safe in sharing your story.
What if my past is too painful?

As a counselor and intuitive coach, I know how difficult it is to experience and recall painful memories. If you need more personal guidance, support and coaching to help you feel safe in revisiting the past, I recommend joining our Memoir writing group where you receive private coaching included in the program.  Although I will gently guide you, I do not push or pressure you to go beyond what is comfortable or feels right for you. I’ll help you make peace with some of the most challenging moments of your past and celebrate your strength and ability to rise above. You’ll also have a safe and compassionate community of other life story writers to lean on throughout this 6-month journey.

What should I consider when choosing among the different programs?

Being honest about what you need to be successful is critical. If you’re ready to write stories to share with loved ones and just need help with the writing tools, our Life Story Writing 12-week course may be the best option for you. If you want to take a deeper dive in reflecting on your life, whether it be to uncover meaningful stories to share or to understand where you’ve been as a guide to where you’re going, our Life Review course is the right fit.  And if you want to do both a deeper dive into your past to help you write your memoir plus be inspired by an intimate community of other writers where you share and connect through your stories, the Memoir course is perfect for you.  If you are unclear of which option is right for you, feel free to schedule a no-obligation appointment and we’ll help you find the best fit.

How long will I have access to this course and writing software?

You’ll have access to our intuitive writing software for one year from the day your course begins. You can renew your subscription to our writing software on a monthly or annual basis for a nominal annual fee.

What is your refund policy?

All of our courses offer a 15-day money-back guarantee.

What if I’m not ready but want to learn more about how this process works?

We recommend downloading our free Life Story Writing Starter Kit so you get a feel of what’s involved and the process of life story writing. You can also schedule a call to ask any questions you have.

Choose the Option that’s Right for You


Virtual Course with Live Q&A

You’re new to life-story writing and want a simple structure and guidance to help you feel confident and inspired.


Virtual Live Course with Group Coaching

You’re at a crossroads in life and want to gain perspective on your life journey, create meaning, integrate lessons and gain wisdom to guide your future.


Live Course with Group & Private Coaching

You know you have stories in you but you need a structure, private coaching and safe community to help you bring out your inner writer and let her shine.

Feeling Called to Write About Your Life?

Your life story is full of golden nuggets of wisdom and inspiration.

You’ve gained valuable lessons and unique insights.
You’re ready to get real, reflect and take responsibility to discover a richer sense of meaning and a deeper connection with others.
It’s time to share your story.
This is your legacy.

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