At just eight years old, hospitalized with severe migraines and a brain tumor, Christina Miglino had a near-death experience—and an encounter with the divine. That put her on a path to becoming the energy intuitive she is today.

When I met Christina last year, I didn’t have the background or the vocabulary for understanding what an energy intuitive does. (Christina explains: “From childhood, I’ve been very tuned in to the earth and the cosmos . . . the intangible world.”)

Still, it didn’t take us long to realize that her energy work and my life story work overlap in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Christina has since become a heart sister.

For example, at her Mystery School of Intuitive Intelligence, which she runs from her hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of the first skills she teaches her students is deep listening. “It’s amazing what we can receive when we’re willing to surrender and deeply listen,” Christina says.

This is also a fundamental principle of life story writing – listening to the whispers of our soul as we seek the deeper meaning hidden within our stories.

In her work, Christina explores inherited family trauma. The ways we carry forward past joys and their burdens. And how understanding our ancestors can free our spirits and our creativity.

“There are many schools of thought—whether it’s personal development or leadership or even spirituality or religion—that say You need to figure out what’s broken inside of you. When really,” Christina says, “If we open up our understanding of consciousness, we can say If my grandfather was in a war and it was really tragic, and he experienced watching his best friend die in battle, or he experienced the loss of his leg, and it wasn’t really acknowledged, the energy is going to play out [in future generations]. So we can acknowledge where we come from and acknowledge life force energy.”

The healing across time that Christina does with energy and ancestors, life story writers do with similar deep listening and the written word. The process offers the opportunity to shine the light on and heal the inherited family trauma that’s passed down.

I sat screen-to-screen with Christina a few weeks ago on Real Stories With Joanna, an interview series I host several times a month with the private Claim Your Legacy Facebook group. We covered a lot of ground in just 30 minutes. Interested in my From Journey to Legacy program or the work of a deep-listening energy intuitive? I invite you to watch the replay of our conversation.

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