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Find Meaning & Purpose in Your Life’s Journey through a 12-week Life Review & Life Story Writing Course
Starts October 9, 2023

Align with Your  Authentic Self

Uncover Meaning & Purpose

Embrace Your

Life is good, but there’s something missing…

If life isn’t what you want it to be at this stage—join the club. Many people in their Third Act of life are struggling with the transition and beating themselves up about some of the decisions and actions they’ve made over the course of their lives. And, if you don’t change anything, ten years from now you’ll be doing life the same way, with the same regrets.

You have the power to change that. And the wisdom and path can be found in your own life story.

Gain Perspective & Feel Inspired through a Guided Life Review Journey

In this 12 week live course, we look at the stories that make you who you are. I will take you step-by-step through my life review framework where you’ll uncover the lessons and the blessings as well as make peace with the hard stuff including difficult people and situations you’ve encountered.

This inner exploration helps you overcome your inner critic and express the moments in your life that fill you with a sense of pride. You’ll be encouraged to take action throughout the course to actively shift patterns that no longer serve you. With live lessons, introspective prompts, memory-provoking questions, visualization exercises and energizing assignments, you’ll start finding inspiration for the years ahead.

And if your goal is to write your life stories, life review is the inner reflective work that prepares you to write an insightful memoir.

The path is your own, but we’re on the journey together.

I’m Joanna Klein, your guide through the life review process. Using my experience as a counselor and intuitive coach coupled with an extensive background in creating and facilitating successful personal development programs, I founded Journey to Legacy to help you uncover your unique experiences, valuable lessons and inner wisdom that deserve to be honored, celebrated and remembered.

My secret sauce is intuitively guiding people through a unique process of reframing their life stories in an intimate setting so they feel safe, seen and honored for who they are and the experiences that shaped their lives.

I created this self-guided online course for people like you who want the benefit of a life review framework that lets them go at their own pace yet also offers support to help keep them on track.

Your Life Review Plan

3 Simple Steps to Begin Your Journey


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Turn off autopilot and say YES to a deep journey into the moments that make up who you are.

The course starts October 2. 2023 and spaces are limited.


Gain Perspective

In 12 weeks, we will go through the life review framework, surfacing and reframing the stories that are keeping you stuck.


Live Empowered

Inspired by the greater sense of control over your own narrative, embrace your third act with clarity, courage and confidence.

What Participants Experience in Our Program

Life story writer

I want to thank you, Joanna. Because this program has made such a difference in my life. I never would have ever understood some of this (my life) and I’m a freakin psychologist. I mean, hello? There’s a lot more to this work that you present, then maybe you’ll even ever know. I’m astonished at the depth and the reframing of things in my own life. I’ll just say that. So thank you.

Jeanne Kane, Journey To Legacy Alumni

What most exceeded my expectations were the focus, motivation and direction provided by your instructional sessions and the writing prompts. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the online tools, but I have been pleased with the ease the site affords for writing and organizing the writing/stories. I am very happy with everything about the program and grateful that I came across it when I did. This was perfect timing for me.

Paula, Journey To Legacy Participant

Writing down my stories has made me notice many of my life events were more impactful than I realized and that I was still carrying some shame, guilt, or regret about them. Writing down my stories has allowed me to shine the light and see those stories from a new perspective. It has freed up stagnant energy and lightened a load I didn’t even know I was carrying.

Holly Padove, Journey To Legacy Participant

I have never thought of myself as a writer. Writing isn’t easy for me. And yet I have absolutely loved Journey to Legacy! I was drawn to this program as a vehicle for self-discovery. When I learned about it, I sensed that it could provide answers to the question, “How did I become the person that I am today?” And as I’ve delved into the stories of my past, I’ve gained insights that have often taken me by surprise.
I have nothing but praise for the way that Joanna has designed Journey to Legacy and how she leads it. Sometimes she teaches, at other times she asks just the right questions. She invites and supports, always with the goal of helping us explore the stories of our lives. I whole-heartedly recommend this program.

Linda Brooks, Journey To Legacy Participant

I was concerned about my ability to commit and follow through with an online format however from the moment I met Joanna in our first zoom conversation, I felt seen, heard and understood. I felt safe. There is so much to love about this program. Joanna walk beside me every step of the way through our personal zoom appointments, emails and with the quality of the program and technical platform she created which is truly outstanding. What an honor it has been to share this journey with other openhearted, wise, vulnerable women from around the world. What we have shared in this sacred circle will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Amanda Downing, Journey To Legacy Participant

My memories carried me on an amazing 3-D journey of my life, as if I were truly “time traveling” through decades, phases, friendships, romances, historical events, discoveries, foreign countries, disappointments, successes, relationships, revelations and exciting episodes of my 70-year lifetime. I wouldn’t trade the memories that were stirred and found their way to the pages of my legacy journal for anything – even if no one ever reads them but me! More than just simple stories, I think I have written some fascinating “road-maps” of how to live a beautiful life to share with those I love – and perhaps for children of my children and their children, who haven’t even been born!

Denise Medved, Journey To Legacy Participant

What to expect from this course …

  • More confident and comfortable with who you are and where you came from.
  • Purposeful about how you want to spend your next chapter.
  • Hopeful about the future and its possibilities.
  • Grateful for the people and experiences that shaped your life.
  • A sense of closure with certain past pains & a readiness to move forward unburdened.
  • Proud of how far you’ve come on your life journey.
  • More authentically aligned with your values and identity.
  • Equipped to share wisdom and life lessons with loved ones through writing or conversations.
group of life review writers

Is This Life Review Course Right for You?

group of life review writers

Now is the time to do your life review and I’d be honored to be your guide.

This online course is for you if:

  • You believe writing is a transformative tool for greater self-awareness, self-healing and self-discovery
  • You want to find your unique contribution
  • You want to re-engage with life
  • You flourish with structure, guidance and accountability
  • You want to gain deeper personal insights and a fresh perspective that gives your life meaning and direction
  • You want to find the courage to be seen for who you are beyond roles, title and labels
  • Desire more passion and adventure
  • You want to feel more compassion for yourself and others
  • You’re a life-long learner
  • You’re ready to step fully into self-acceptance

If you want to uncover your authentic self, this course is for you.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between life review and life story writing?

Through the process of life review, you uncover the stories that have meaning; that have had the biggest impact on you and which are the source of wisdom and joy. You shine a light on your strengths and on those experiences in your life worth writing about. 

Part of how we gain new perspectives on the stories we tell ourselves is through writing, and there are writing assignments throughout the program. 

If you’ve ever journaled, you have experienced the insight that can come from intuitive writing.

Writing brings clarity. It’s healing. It’s a release. It gets it out of your head and onto the page.

As you write, you will likely find that your life has had much more substance to it and more impact than you realized. 

And through this process, if you want to write meaningful stories to pass something on, this is a great starting place.

How is life review different from therapy?

While life review involves reflecting on your broader life journey, therapy uses clinical techniques to address specific mental health concerns that are negatively impacting your current well-being and functioning. Life review seeks to find empowerment, meaning and closure by re-examining the entirety of your life, whereas therapy aims to relieve current acute symptoms and issues.

What if I can’t remember much from my past?

That’s a common concern and we understand why. The course lessons, prompts and guided visualizations are delivered in a way that jogs your memory and helps you explore the past in a gentle, safe way.

Do I have to be a good writer?

You do not have to be an experienced writer or worry about getting it right when it comes to punctuation, spelling or grammar. The prompts, guided visualizations and workbooks make it easy and inspiring to write from the heart. And if you decide you want to share your stories, our intuitive writing software makes it easy to title, edit and organize your stories for a cohesive and memorable Legacy Journal.

How much of my time will this take?

We will meet once a week for 12 weeks.  On sessions are live on Zoom. (We’ll take some weeks off during the holidays.).  You’ll have recommended writing and activity assignments and recommended reading, but the amount of time you want to devote to those activities is up to you.  This course is designed in a way that makes you look forward to your writing time without feeling overwhelmed or under pressure to produce.

Why do you require an application to join?

With such an intimate group setting and the sensitivity of topics addressed, I like to ensure each participant is ready and willing to engage and commit to this transformative journey.

How long will I have access to this course and writing software?

You’ll have access to our intuitive writing software for and additional 3 months from the date of purchase. You can renew your subscription to our writing software on a monthly or annual basis for a nominal annual fee.

What if my past is too painful?

As a counselor and intuitive coach, I know how difficult it is to experience and recall painful memories. In this course, you’ll be gently guided to explore the difficult experiences that influenced who you are today. However, you do not have to go beyond what is comfortable or feels right for you. There are many exercises that help you make peace with some of the most challenging moments of your past and celebrate your strength and ability to rise above. You’ll also have a safe and compassionate community of other life reviewers to lean on throughout your journey.

How does this program differ from Storyworth?

While both Journey to Legacy and Storyworth offer you a writing platform, writing prompts and a bound book, Journey to Legacy takes a more introspective, retrospective approach to reflecting on your entire life journey rather than developing individual stories for others. The end goal is a holistic life review and inner perspective to propel the future.

What is your refund policy?

If you purchase this course and feel it is not right for you within 15 days of purchase, you are protected with our money-back guarantee. Simply email us and we will process your refund.

What if I’m not ready but want to learn more about how this process works?

We recommend starting with our free downloadable guide so you get a feel of what’s involved and the process of life story writing. You can also schedule a call to ask any questions you have.

“As you get older, you realize the importance of being intentional. That’s why doing a life review is important — understanding what things have meant in your life. That’s how you become wise.”


Jane Fonda

Why Now is the Time

Don’t Let Another Year Go By Wondering What Your Life Was All About

You’ve made it this far, and you owe it to yourself to honor what you’ve lived through and the impact you’ve made.

At the same time, it’s important to pause and consider the valuable lessons you’ve gained on your life journey.

Reflecting on your life and those moments that made you who you are today is not only profoundly enlightening and healing, but can help you feel more deeply connected to yourself, your purpose and the contributions and decisions you wish to make moving forward.

Woman in dress and sunhat, soaking in the sun, and beating the pandemic blues.

Your Life. Your Story. Your Legacy.

There is no better time to start your life review.