Need an Inspiring Speaker for Your Next Event?

I have a lot to say about the value of documenting our life stories and about how exciting and fulfilling the Third Act time of life can be, and about how reframing our past can lead to a lighter, brighter future.

Ever since my first public speaking event at the age of 30 before a room filled with Silicon Valley executives, stages have been my comfort zone. Give me a microphone or a Zoom room, and I’ll be sure to leave my audience with a sense of purpose and the tools they need to start capturing their personal history and sharing their wisdom.

Among my most popular presentations:

  • “Your Life Story is Your Legacy”
  • “A Sacred Journey to Yourself: Meeting the Wise Sage Within”
  • “4 Simple Steps to Stop Struggling and Start Writing Your Story”
  • “Shape How You Want to Be Remembered”
  • “Healing the Girlfriend Wound: How to Stop the Cycle of Female Rivalry”

Are you looking for a speaker who . . .

~ Infuses audiences with her passion for documenting personal and family stories?

~ Engages with interactive exercises and visualizations?

~Shares real-life stories from the heart that audiences will relate to, remember, and use as inspiration?

~Knows what it’s like to hit an emotional rock bottom in her sixties – and then figure out how to make that decade the most fulfilling of her life?

~Raises the energy level in any room, including virtual ones?

All topics can be presented live or online as keynote addresses, conference breakout sessions, webinars, or intensive workshops.

Would your group benefit from a specific topic related to life story writing or living your best life in your Third Act addressed? Send me a message and we’ll schedule a call.

“Joanna’s concise and spellbinding lectures bring an approach to looking at your own life that opens your heart and mind to find clarity in your experiences – to find new understanding and perspective that you might otherwise not realize.”

Jeanne Kane, PhD.

“The first time I heard Joanna Klein speak from the stage, I was blown away by her authenticity and ability to engage the audience with not only her personal story, but how stories themselves can be transformational.  She has great eye contact, warmth and humor.  We’ve all heard speakers who talk at the audience.  This certainly is not Joanna Klein’s style.  Hiring Joanna for your next keynote will not only be entertaining, but she will inspire your audience to embrace their personal stories, so they understand themselves at a deeper level.”

Katana Abbott

Host, Smart Women Talk Radio,

Joanna is warm, personable and relates genuinely with her audience. She is gifted at sharing her own stories which invites others to open up and see themselves. Joanna is clear and concise in her delivery and creates a delightful experience..”

Page Rossiter

Life Coach

“Joanna is a confident speaker and can explain complex, intangible subjects in simple terms to relate to an audience. She shows up as though she’s your supportive friend right from the start. Joanna is able to connect to people where they are so they can be open to stepping into different perspectives, even challenging ones. She’s the kind of woman other women want to know.”

Christina Smith

Life Coach,

Secret Sauce

Most people don’t see themselves as “writers” and believe they have nothing interesting to share. Curious how I inspire them to change their perspective? Contact me below.

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