Frequently Asked Questions

What If I don't have anything important to say?

I hear this often, and I want you to know that we all have stories! We have all experienced joy and pain. We have gained wisdom and lived through history in the making.  Journey to Legacy will help you find your voice and realize you do have a lot to say!

Will this take all of my time to complete?

No. The adventure is broken down into bite-sized pieces so that you can fit it in to your regular schedule.  It’s set up in such a way that you will look forward to your writing time.

What if I Don't Like Some of My Past?

We’ll help you make peace with some of the most challenging moments of your past and celebrate your strength and ability to rise above. And you ALWAYS have the choice of what you look at and what you share.

I'm worried about others judging me for what I've been through. Should I still do this?

We’ll help you find ways to be safely authentic (so that loved ones can really know you), but you’re in complete control of what you share.

Do you have to be a good writer to do this?

No. The prompts, guided visualizations and workbook will make it easy and inspire your writing. 

Didn’t Find Your Answer?

Please contact us directly.

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