Feel Good about the Life You’ve Lived

Your Life Story is Worthy and Deserving of Being
Recalled, Reframed and Remembered

As a counselor, intuitive coach, international speaker and creator and facilitator of multiple successful personal development programs, I help women thrive in their third act by guiding them through a transformative journey of uncovering their unique experiences, valuable lessons and inner wisdom that deserve to be honored, celebrated and remembered by future generations.

When You Feel Like You’re Running Out of Time and the Best Years are Behind You…

At a certain age, you start feeling invisible and like the best years are behind you. As the years pass, you begin to wonder, “what was my life all about?” You suddenly realize you’re running out of time to live the life you want. This pressure steals your breath and also sparks something deeper within that dares to be explored.

You’ve encountered many joys and sorrows in life, and you may even be coping with an unexpected loss or facing a major identity crisis – divorce, death, empty nest, illness or end of a career – that leaves you feeling alone, lost and a bit confused about who you really are without the titles, labels and expectations that have defined you up to this point.

Tired of carrying lingering regrets and longing to recall your experiences with a sense of pride? You want to know your life and your experiences mean something. You want to believe you’ve made an impact and a difference in other people’s lives. Ultimately, you yearn to feel good about the life you’ve lived.

I want you to know… you’re never too old and it’s never too late to recover and reclaim the tough, tender and transformative moments that influenced who you are today. This is your life story. And it’s worthy and deserving of being recalled, reframed and remembered long after you’re gone.

You’re Ready to Get Real, Honor the Truth and Write Your Life Story

Heal the Past. Embrace the Lessons. Share the Wisdom.

You have a deep desire to share what you’ve learned and the wisdom you’ve earned but you don’t know how to start or how to stay committed.

More than a collection of memories, you want to weave the threads of connection, inspiration and wisdom that leave a lasting legacy in the hearts of those you love for generations to come.


But deep down…

You worry that no one will read your story, or that your story will be boring or that this journey will be a hard and painful experience, or even worse, that this will be a monumental project that takes all of your time.

But what if writing your Life Story became the catalyst for recovering the pieces of your life that deserve to be heard and celebrated?

Imagine how you would feel if you:

  • Felt inner peace and discovered richer meaning in your life experiences
  • Reclaimed and celebrated those pivotal moments where you showed courage, resilience and strength
  • Recalled memories that influenced how you think and what you believe today
  • Understood how the cultural and historical context framed your view of yourself and the world
  • Felt more connected and cared for by remembering the people who supported and empowered you along the way
  • Shifted the grief, shame and regret you’ve carried to self-acceptance, self-love and a new appreciation for life
  • Relinquished the hurtful people and the traumatic events that have hindered you and your choices
  • Rediscovered your voice, your wisdom and the real meaning and purpose of your life
  • Shared your story and it became someone else’s guiding light of hope and inspiration
  • Left behind a treasured family heirloom for future generations

This is the purpose and power of writing and sharing your Life Story.

You’re here right now because you want to embrace this third act of your life with hope, self-love, compassion and excitement in your heart that lives up to your own expectations instead of the expectations of others.

Your life matters. And your story is worthy of sharing. It’s time to write a meaningful and truthful story that represents YOU, the lessons you’ve learned and the impact you’ve made.



12-Week Online Life Story Writing & Coaching Program

For Women in the Third Act of Life

“Writing and sharing with like-minded, strong, intelligent, and beautiful women is a journey I wish had no end. Our stories are a mix of inspiring, sad, cathartic and funny, and we have shared, trusted, and been vulnerable – always there for each other.”

Pat Grant
Journey to Legacy Participant
Queensland, Australia

This personally guided program is customized based upon your goals and provides everything you need to write and share your life story including:

A Unique System & Framework
9 live group sessions, 12 video tutorials, visualization exercises, workbooks and introspective prompts that take you on a guided journey through your past and deep into your heart where you’ll find inspiration and clarity to recall and write the stories that are meant to be shared.

Private Coaching Sessions
You’ll receive three 45-minute private coaching sessions plus a bonus “success planning” session at the start of the program. Each coaching session is geared to your needs and gives you the tools to write and complete your Legacy Journal.

Access to an Intuitive Writing Platform to Create Your Legacy Journal
Everything you need to write, create and share your Legacy ebook is in one place. This easy-to-use software helps you write, edit and organize your stories with ease. You can upload photos and choose a customizable cover that enhances the messages, lessons and impact of your life experiences.

A Compassionate and Caring International Community
You’ll feel right at home and safe in a loving, compassionate & supportive community of 12 wise and self-aware women from around the globe. We’ll laugh and cry together, share stories, and inspire and affirm each other during our weekly live group sessions.

Technical and Ongoing Support
Support, encouragement, brainstorming and inspiration are always available on an ongoing basis via email and texting. You’ll be supported all the way whether you need a nudge with writing, encouragement to stay motivated, inspired, and accountable, or assistance with any of the technical aspects of writing.

I want to thank you, Joanna. Because this program has made such a difference in my life. I never would have ever understood some of this (my life) and I’m a freakin psychologist. I mean, hello? There’s a lot more to this work that you present, then maybe you’ll even ever know. I’m astonished at the depth and the reframing of things in my own life. I’ll just say that. So thank you.

Jeanne Kane, Journey To Legacy Alumni

What most exceeded my expectations were the focus, motivation and direction provided by your instructional sessions and the writing prompts. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the online tools, but I have been pleased with the ease the site affords for writing and organizing the writing/stories. I am very happy with everything about the program and grateful that I came across it when I did. This was perfect timing for me.

Paula, Journey To Legacy Participant

It’s as if our lives are like jars filled with big and small rocks. Most of us have already pulled out, examined, and made some sense of the big rocks because they’re easy to see. But, it’s the smaller rocks we tend to ignore, even though there may still be something about them that gets under our skin. Writing down my stories has helped me remember smaller rocks. It has made me realize those events were more impactful than I realized and that I was still carrying some shame, guilt, or regret about them. Writing down my stories has allowed me to shine the light and see those stories from a new perspective. It has freed up stagnant energy and lightened a load I didn’t even know I was carrying.

Holly Padove, Journey To Legacy Participant

I have never thought of myself as a writer. Writing isn’t easy for me. And yet I have absolutely loved Journey to Legacy! I was drawn to this program as a vehicle for self-discovery. When I learned about it, I sensed that it could provide answers to the question, “How did I become the person that I am today?” And as I’ve delved into the stories of my past, I’ve gained insights that have often taken me by surprise.
I have nothing but praise for the way that Joanna has designed Journey to Legacy and how she leads it. Sometimes she teaches, at other times she asks just the right questions. She invites and supports, always with the goal of helping us explore the stories of our lives. I whole-heartedly recommend this program.

Linda Brooks, Journey To Legacy Participant

I was concerned about my ability to commit and follow through with an online format however from the moment I met Joanna in our first zoom conversation, I felt seen, heard and understood. I felt safe. There is so much to love about this program. Joanna walk beside me every step of the way through our personal zoom appointments, emails and with the quality of the program and technical platform she created which is truly outstanding. What an honor it has been to share this journey with other openhearted, wise, vulnerable women from around the world. What we have shared in this sacred circle will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Amanda Downing, Journey To Legacy Participant

My memories carried me on an amazing 3-D journey of my life, as if I were truly “time traveling” through decades, phases, friendships, romances, historical events, discoveries, foreign countries, disappointments, successes, relationships, revelations and exciting episodes of my 70-year lifetime. I wouldn’t trade the memories that were stirred and found their way to the pages of my legacy journal for anything – even if no one ever reads them but me! More than just simple stories, I think I have written some fascinating “road-maps” of how to live a beautiful life to share with those I love – and perhaps for children of my children and their children, who haven’t even been born!

Denise Medved, Journey To Legacy Participant

I found Journey to Legacy at a time when I felt stuck in my writing process. In my mind I wasn’t worthy of putting something out there. I believed it wouldn’t be good enough. But by making the commitment to write, I realized I did have stories to tell. And I knew that they weren’t going to be important to everyone, but they would be important to someone. The program is fun and Joanna is generous with encouragement and suggestions. The bonus is meeting other women and sharing life stories! I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in memoir writing.

Denise Nagy, Journey To Legacy Participant

What Makes This Online Writing Program Unique

More than just an online writing program, Journey to Legacy is a transformative experience that leads to profound inner healing, self-love and a deeper appreciation in what your life was all about.

While other programs focus on the mechanics of writing or offer writing prompts that don’t go deep, our program focuses on guiding you to uncover and recall the golden moments and the hard-earned wisdom that shaped you and made you who you are today. These are the moments in your life that deserve to be honored, celebrated and remembered.

Using a unique reframing method, personal coaching and thought and memory provoking prompts, you’ll feel safe, seen and supported in going deeper into your experiences so breakthroughs and healing take place. And you won’t have to take this journey alone. Immersed in an intimate community of life story writers, you’ll have many opportunities to form new relationships and establish stronger connections with others along the way.

Our intuitive writing platform makes it easy to collect, edit, organize and share your life story – even if you have little to no previous tech experience. We even provide additional support so you feel inspired, engaged and encouraged to write and share your life story.

The result? Finally feeling good about the life you’ve lived and the legacy you’ll leave behind for generations to come.

Have questions or need more information?

Is this Online Life Story Writing Program Right for You?

Now is the time to write and share your life story and I’d be honored to be your guide.

If you’re looking for compassionate guidance, structure and a safe and supportive community to explore your past, uncover vital lessons and golden moments and discover deeper meaning behind your experiences, you’ve come to the right place.

This program is for you if you’ve ever experienced any of the following:

  • You’ve tried to write in the past but never made progress
  • You want to preserve your stories for future generations
  • You feel unsettled or bad about experiences in your past
  • You believe writing is a tool for healing and self-discovery
  • You know you’re here for a reason but haven’t yet discovered your purpose
  • You want to be known and remembered for who you are beyond a role or title
  • Friends and/or family members frequently encourage you to share your story
  • You enjoy being part of a compassionate and supportive community
  • You flourish with structure, guidance and accountability
  • You struggle with technology and need easy to use tools and support




Meet Your Writing Coach

Hi, I’m Joanna, and I’m so glad you’re here

I believe we have an immense responsibility and a rewarding opportunity to share the lessons we’ve learned, the discoveries we’ve made and the wisdom we’ve gained from our unique life experiences. We all take different paths and learn valuable lessons on our life journey. Reflecting on our lives and those moments that made us who we are today is not only a profoundly healing journey, but can help future generations feel more connected to their family’s history.

Using life story writing as a tool for personal growth, healing, compassion, forgiveness and self-love, we discover a renewed excitement in life and find the threads of connection in our shared experiences. Through our stories, we make history come alive in a whole new way by sharing the events and the people who shaped our lives and the historical and cultural context in which they took place. It is through Life Story writing that we inspire hope, foster resilience and impart wisdom that honors the life we’ve lived and the lives we’ll touch by leaving a legacy.

Transformative. Mesmerizing. Empowering.
Using my experience as a counselor and intuitive coach coupled with my background in developing and facilitating successful personal development programs, I founded Journey to Legacy to guide people in their third act of life in seeing their magnificence and the extraordinary contributions they’ve made in their lives.

My secret sauce is intuitively guiding people through a unique process of reframing their life stories in an intimate setting so they feel safe, seen and honored for who they are and the experiences that shaped their lives.

If you’re here, it’s time and you’re ready to write and share your life story.

How to Get Started

Choose the Level of Support You Need to Write and Share Your Legacy

With several paths to choose from, we make it simple to get started on your Journey to Legacy. Determine the level of support, guidance and accountability you need to write and share your legacy.

Free Guide

Get started with this 5-step framework for writing your life story. This downloadable PDF guide takes you step-by-step in uncovering those golden moments and recalling the memories that shaped your life and who you are today. By using these 5 steps, you’ll feel inspired to revisit pivotal times in your life and capture those experiences that are meant to be shared and remembered.

Self-Guided Course

This online course takes you step-by-step through my Life Story Writing framework where you’ll recall, reframe and reclaim a legacy that’s worthy and deserving of being remembered. You’ll have access to our intuitive writing software that makes it easy to write, edit and organize your story and share your legacy as an ebook.

Group Coaching Program

This online Life Story writing program offers 12 live group sessions, extensive writing prompts, personal coaching, an easy-to-use writing platform and a carefully curated community for those who want a higher level of support and accountability in writing their life story. By the end of this program, you’ll have a beautiful ebook to share your legacy with those you love.

Private Coaching Program

Perfect for you if you need one-on-one guidance, coaching and support to dig deeper into your experiences and stay on track in writing your life story. We’ll work together to mine for the golden moments and find the right themes to create a meaningful and truthful story that represents your life and your contributions. You’ll have access to our writing software so you leave with a legacy ebook you can’t wait to share.

Not sure which journey is right for you? Let’s Talk.


If you’re carrying shame, guilt or regret about your life…

You’re not alone.

We all have moments in our lives that we wish didn’t happen or that happened differently than we planned. But there’s something even deeper that often gets buried or overlooked. It’s easy to recall those big moments that left us feeling bad or wrong for how we behaved or how we were treated.

But it’s those smaller, less significant moments that go unrecognized and harbor the deepest pain and the greatest opportunity for healing.

What no one tells you is that those less defining moments in life are often the source of unconscious shame, guilt and regret that impact how you feel today.

One of the greatest gifts that comes from life story writing is best explained by one of my clients. She recently shared how she felt and what she discovered after the 12-week Journey to Legacy program:

I feel better.

When I asked why she thought she was feeling better, I was deeply touched by the wisdom she shared:

It’s as if our lives are like jars filled with big and small rocks. Most of us have already pulled out, examined, and made some sense of the big rocks because they’re easy to see.

But, it’s the smaller rocks we tend to ignore, even though there may still be something about them that gets under our skin. Writing down my stories has helped me remember smaller rocks. It has made me realize those events were more impactful than I realized and that I was still carrying some shame, guilt, or regret about them.

Writing down my stories has allowed me to shine the light and see those stories from a new perspective which freed up stagnant energy and lightened a load I didn’t even know I was carrying.

I asked her how she knew when a ‘small rock’ story was still weighing her down. She said…

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  • Leaning into your life experiences for radical self-love and acceptance
  • Living with purpose and making an impact
  • Inspiring others by sharing your knowledge, insights and wisdom
  • Embracing getting older with confidence and joy.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program simply a bunch of general writing prompts?

No. Thought and memory-provoking, the prompts we provide are meant to take you deeper into your memories and experiences where breakthroughs and healing take place. You’ll also have private sessions with Joanna, 12 interactive video trainings, and 9 live group sessions to further explore the prompts and the experiences that shaped you.

What if I can’t remember much from my past?
That’s a common concern and we understand why. The coaching and prompts we provide are delivered in a way that jogs your memory and helps you explore the past in a gentle, safe way.
Do I have to be a good writer?
You do not have to be an experienced writer or worry about getting it right when it comes to punctuation, spelling or grammar. The prompts, guided visualizations and workbook make it easy and inspiring to write. Our intuitive writing software makes it easy to title, edit and organize your stories for a cohesive and memorable ebook.
How much of my time will this take?
The 12-week journey is broken down into small, doable sections so that you can fit this program into your regular routine. This program is designed in a way that you’ll look forward to your writing time without feeling overwhelmed or under pressure to produce.
What if I don’t think I have anything worthy or exciting to write about?
I hear this often, and I want you to know that we all have stories! We have all experienced joy and pain. We have gained wisdom and lived through history in the making. Journey to Legacy will help you find your voice and realize you have so much wisdom to share! Your life is full of golden nuggets of wisdom and inspiration! Being asked the right questions and then guided more deeply into those questions, you’ll find you have a remarkable history and story to share.
Why do you require an application to join?
With such an intimate group setting and the sensitivity of topics addressed, I like to ensure each participant is ready and willing to engage and commit to this 12-week journey.
What happens if I get stuck after I sign up?
If you join Journey to Legacy and get stuck at any point in this process, you will have all the support and guidance from our team to ensure you move past any obstacles or technical issues you encounter. If you take our self-guided course, you will also have lifetime support via email in the event you get stuck or need more information.
What if I’m not sure anyone will read my life story?
This is a common worry for many life story writers. The truth is you’ll never know unless you write your story. However, using a unique method to recall those key moments in your life that shaped you often results in surprising revelations and wisdom that impacts others when shared.
What if I’m worried others will judge me once they read what I’ve been through?
We’ll help you find ways to share truthfully (so that loved ones can really know you), and you remain in complete control of what you share.
What is the investment for the 12-week coaching program?
Once you apply, you’ll be emailed a link to schedule a one-on-one Zoom session with Joanna. During this session, you’ll be provided with investment information and payment options to suit your specific situation.
What if my past is too painful?
As a counselor and intuitive coach, I know how difficult it is to experience and recall painful memories. Although I will gently guide you, I do not push or pressure you to go beyond what is comfortable or feels right for you. I’ll help you make peace with some of the most challenging moments of your past and celebrate your strength and ability to rise above. You’ll also have a safe and compassionate community of other life story writers to lean on throughout this 12-week journey.
What should I consider when choosing between the different programs?
Being honest about what you need to be successful is critical. If you are self-motivated and have a strong desire to explore your past without a community of support, the Self-Guided Course is right for you. If you have trouble following through or have experienced more traumatic or challenging experiences in your life, Journey to Legacy is the best option.
What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of our Self-Guided Course, we cannot issue a refund after purchase. If you apply and join the Journey to Legacy program and you discover within the first 20 days that this program isn’t for you, we’ll issue a full refund, minus processing fees, once you submit your request in writing.

What if I’m not ready but want to learn more about how this process works?

We recommend starting with our free downloadable guide so you get a feel of what’s involved and the process of life story writing. You can also schedule a call to ask any questions you have.

Reclaim Your Life Experiences & Share Your Story

Get Started with My 5-Step Framework

Your life story is full of golden nuggets of wisdom and inspiration.

You’ve gained valuable lessons and unique insights.
You’re ready to get real, reflect and take responsibility to discover a richer sense of meaning and a deeper connection with others.
It’s time to share your story.
This is your legacy.

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